Heavy Ducks

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Muscovy: Black Blue Parti White
These South American, quack-less ducks are world renown for their gourmet quality meat. They develop caruncles (bright red fleshy protuberances on their head and neck) with age and love to spend hours hunting for insects (especially flies). They are a hardy duck with clawed feet that they use to protect themselves. The flightless drakes (male ducks) are almost twice the size of the hens who are excellent mothers and very good egg layers.
Weight - 6 to 12 pounds: Eggs - large and white with a green cast on the thick shell
Price - $7.50 per duckling or 6 eggs

Pekin: White
These large, classical white ducks are the breed that was used by Disney studio as a model for Donald Duck. They are very friendly and when given proper attention will follow their owners with a humorous straight legged waddle, quacking all the way. The drakes have bright orange bills and feet with a soft, deep quack. The noisier hens are fair layers of very large eggs but are generally not broody (sit on eggs).
Weight - 8 to 10 pounds: Eggs - very large and white in color
Price - $7.50 per duckling or 6 eggs